Where do you stay

Check out your destination


> Luxury Guesthouse

> Self-catering

Paternoster has got accommodation options for all budgets. We have made arrangements with La Baleine and Strandloper self-catering cottages.  These are 1 or 2 bedroom luxurious self catering houses that offer the freedom to retreat and the option to meet.

Iif you prefer to stay somewhere else in Paternoster feel free. The big upside from self-catering is that you can follow your own rhythm and pace. It gives you much more freedom without losing the benefits of luxury.

The fridge will be stocked and replenished with all the ingredients for our super muesli breakfast. The village has got plenty restaurants to enjoy and we have a daily shuttle to a fantastic supermarket for your groceries, should you wish to enjoy your own cooking.


> Luxury Guesthouse

> Stay on a sail charter

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