Namastay is a unique and luxurious Nomadic Yoga retreat.

On the most beautiful locations we can find around the world we pitch our Bedouin tent with a spacious wooden Yoga floor which overlooks the beach.

In this space inspirational Yoga teachers, host creative and transformational classes, guiding you deeper on your Yoga journey.

We believe good health should be everyone’s first priority as all the other good things cannot be enjoyed without it.

We also believe in a complete and balanced life. Since you only live once, you have to enjoy all that it has to offer.

Living a healthy and balanced life continuously is much more effective and sustainable than a detox week from time to time. Gradually adding in the healthy habits automatically pushes the bad stuff out. This helps you to move into a more sustainable healthy and pleasant way of living that acknowledges the Ying as well as the Yang.

With its very unique concept, Namastay offers some clear insights, a first step on this more balanced path, by providing a unique escape to relaxation.

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