Marinus Muller

Marinus lyingIt all started in 2003 with Bikram Yoga.  I got myself to Teacher Training in Los Angeles in 2004 and have  been teaching yoga ever since. In 2007 I did an Ashtanga based training and have been teaching Vinyasa Yoga since then. After 9 years of full-time Bikram teaching, I hung up my sweaty shorts to focus more on my Vinyasa Teaching and Massage Practice, also to make way for a new generation of Bikram Teachers.

I’m very inspired by the work of Matthew Sweeney and also the Synergy Yoga System and to a lesser extend the repetitive movements of Kundalini Yoga. My classes have a strong focus on building strength to facilitate future flexibility.

Music plays a very important role in my teaching and I’m very inspired by recent developments in the international music scene.  I draw from a very wide range of music styles.

My classes tend to be playful and challenging at the same time.

Marinus Muller, first Bikram teacher in South Africa

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