Fulvio Grandin

Fulvio, Yogateacher, South Africa, Cape TownYoga is a continuous journey for me and embodies what inspires me most in life. Both practicing and teaching it.

Over the last 12 years I have joyously spent much of my time at my yoga studios and feel that I gain as much inspiration from my students as I try share with them through teaching.
Teaching a class is, for me, a yoga practice – one that challenges me to channel and share my best and to be completely present, focused and honestly open.
It is a constant inspiration for me to work with other yoga teachers and have a studio where so many people practice and enrich their lives.
Yoga is challenging, and integrating its practice into our lifestyles is rewarding beyond measure.
See you on the mat…

Fulvio Grandin, Yoga Teacher and owner of Yogazone, Cape Town

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