There are many different options how to participate in Namastayoga.

Yoga teachers | Line Up:

Each teacher who brings 10 or more students can have their own daily time slot on the Yoga floor. Besides the class with their ‘own’ teacher the students can also enjoy the classes of the other participating teachers whom we have lined up.

Through careful planning we can create weeks that offer a variety of different styles and guests from different countries. This is called the Line up. Contact us for the details.

Yoga Schools | Private Event | Teachers | Tickets:

As a Yoga school you might want to host your own private week @ Namastay. If you have a group of 25-50 students, Namastay will facilitate the retreat for you. And as we have a  production service background we know how to tailor it to your own exact requirements.

Alternatively you can have one or more of your most popular teachers participate in the Line Up as mentioned above under the teacher section whereby each teacher who brings 10 or more students will secure a daily time slot in the Bedouin tent.

If you have a small school or less then 10 participants you can still send your students to Namastay. For more details on the options above lets chat on the veranda of your beach cottage in Paternoster.

Yoga, Health & Life Style Mag. | Readers Special | Build your community:

Magazines can offer their subscribers a readers’ special. Because of the volume, publicity and confirmations long beforehand we can offer specials at favorable rates. This will offer readers the possibility to take part in the existing weeks at a discounted price.

Alternatively Namastay can organize a week dedicated and tailor made for the readers of a magazine. This is an excellent way to connect with your readers and create a community.

We are extending the courtesy of exclusivity to Yoga Magazine (Netherlands) with regards to the readers’ special for the 2014 event.

Travel Agents | Exclusive Offering:

Namastay is not your standard offering, 1 group, 1 week, 1 menu in a tropical resort or Southern European Villa. It’s really a different kind of trip as it doesn’t run all year. Think of it as the Lotus flower in your portfolio, an exclusive gem for the discerning traveler.

Yoga Services | Nomadic Retreat:

For international star teachers, Yoga Alliances, Teacher training centres or any other (Yoga) group that would like to have a week exclusive for their group, we can be of service. We can slot your ‘week’ or ‘weekend’ in between the scheduled weeks if the floor is free or add you on at the end of our schedule.

Should you wish to move the mountain to you that is also a possibility to look into.

Namastay is a Nomadic retreat so we can move globally.

Which lovely place did you have in mind?

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