Namastay  is really a 1-of-a-kind Yoga retreat in Paternoster, South Africa. We search the world for the most beautiful locations we can find to pitch our Bedouin tent. Inside we create a spacious wooden Yoga floor which overlooks the beach.

Inspirational Yoga teachers, from around the world, host their creative and transformational classes in this beautiful space.

At Namastay there’s no thou shalts and thou shalt nots. You would like to be free and make up your own mind as to what you like to eat, drink and do.  It’s your life.

We offer many different accommodation options and value privacy. Everybody stays in different houses within the same village or bay. So you can make it cosy and fun when you want to and retreat when you wish. In this set up you have much more privacy as compared to a concept where everyone stays in one resort or villa.


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