Namastay  is really a 1-of-a-kind Yoga retreat in Paternoster, South Africa. We search the world for the most beautiful locations we can find to pitch our Bedouin tent. Inside we create a spacious wooden Yoga floor which overlooks the beach. Inspirational Yoga teachers, from around the world, host their creative and transformational classes in this beautiful …

Balanced life

We enjoy living life to the fullest and believe that the key to health and happiness is balance. Enjoy our healthy super foods and Yoga as much as the moments of pleasure and relaxation when the sun sets. Namastay is about the freedom to enjoy everything from early morning Yoga and wheatgrass shots to sundowners …


Our team of vibrant, bubbly and service orientated pro Juicers will create a Juice party from dusk till dawn. In their fully fledged Juice Bar they’ll offer you a daily Wheatgrass shot, Coconut water, Fruit Smoothie and Vegetable Juice with plenty Superfood supplements. Maca and Acai powder in the smoothies, Spirulina in the green juices, perfect! …


We believe good health should be everyone’s first priority as all the important things in life cannot be enjoyed without it.
We also believe in a complete life. Since you only live once, you have to enjoy all that it has to offer. You can have your cake and eat it!


The teachers are a selection of the best teachers that reside in Cape Town. They have their own schools in Cape Town or a large following. Each of them has their own style and their classes and personalities fit perfectly within the concept of Namastay. With Vinyasa as the base style you’ll notice that each …

"I’ve been at many retreats, I think this is one of the best. I love the teachers from Cape Town, they tap into the energy of the ocean."
Heleen Peverelli, Chief Editor Yoga Magazine
"It’s exactly what I need right now, I love the whole chilled, funky vibe, it’s so different from what’s on offer."
Samantha Reynolds, Manager Arabella Spa